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The Cornell Chapter 

During the academic year 191 5-16, ten meetings were held, at 
nine of which a scientific program was presented. Two meetings 
of especial interest were devoted to departmental demonstrations 
of research work under investigation by members in the depart- 
ment. The general policy of the chapter has been to invite the 
public to the lectures and demonstrations, and the large attendance 
in most cases has been good evidence of the interest shown in the 
work of the Society. The usual social hour for members and their 
wives was held immediately following many of the lectures. 

The list of meetings with speakers and dates is as follows : 

The Bearing of the Modern Study of Heredity on our Ideas of 

Evolution, by Dr. T. H. Morgan of Columbia University, 

October 18. 

Plant Life in the Cayuga Lake Basin, by Professor K. M. Wie- 

gand, November 23. 
The Habits of Spiders, by Professor J. H. Comstock, December 16. 
Some Present-day Ideas Regarding Soil Fertility, by Professor 
T. L. Lyon ; followed by an inspection of the new soil tech- 
nology laboratories, January 13. 
Industrial Electric Heating, by Professor C. F. Hirshfeld, Chief 
of the Research Department of the Detroit Edison Co., 
February 17. 
Experimental Demonstration of Research in Progress, by mem- 
bers of the Department of Psychology, and inspection of 
the psychological laboratories, March 23. 
A Biological Expedition to Great Slave Lake, by Mr. Francis 
Harper of the N. Y. State Conservation Commission; fol- 
lowed by business meeting and election of new members, 
May 8. 
Annual Initiation Exercises and Dinner, May 15. 
A Successful Campaign against the New Jersey Mosquito, illus- 
trated with moving pictures, by Professor T. J. Headlee, 
State Entomologist of New Jersey, May 19. 
Experimental Demonstrations and Exhibits by members of the 
Medical College, May 25. 
At the annual meeting held for the purpose, sixty-seven new 
members were elected by the Alpha Chapter. This number includes 


three members from the faculty, forty-one graduates, twenty-two 
undergraduates, and one alumnus, as follows*: 


Alexander Gray, B.S. in C.E., Edinburgh, 1903; Whit. Sch., B.S. 
in E.E., McGill, 1905. Professor in Charge of Electrical Engi- 
neering. P. The Heating of Induction Motors; Textbook on 
Electrical Machine Design; Textbook on Principles and Prac- 
tice of Electrical Engineering. C. Brush Friction. 

Frederick Fritz Koenig, D.V.M., Cornell, 1909. Assistant Profes- 
sor of Veterinary Medicine. P. "Case Records" from the 
Ambulatory Clinic. I. Collection and Tabulation of Clinical 
Case Records. 

Andrew Theodore Rasmussen, A.B., Brigham Young University, 
1909. Instructor in Physiology. P. The Oxygen and Carbon 
Dioxide Content of the Blood during Hibernation in the Wood- 
chuck. C. Theories of Hibernation; The Absence of Chrorriato- 
lytic Changes in the Central Nervous System of the Woodchuck 
during Hibernation (conjointly) ; The Effect of Thyro- 
parathyroidectomy on the Blood Coagulation in the Dog (con- 
jointly) ; The Effect of Temperature on the Blood Coagulation 
Time in the Dog (conjointly). I. (Three other titles relating 
to the Woodchuck during Hibernation.) 


Charles Harold Berry, M.E., Cornell, 1912. Instructor in Steam 
Power Engineering. P. The Theory of Humidity ; Air in Com- 
pression and Expansion; Discussion on the High-Pressure 
Unaflow Engine. I. An Investigation of the Operating Char- 
acteristics of the Le Vane Vacuum Pump (Thesis). 

Homer Guy Bishop, B.S., Ohio University, 191 1, M.S., 1912. 
Assistant in Psychology. C. Improvements in Demonstra- 
tional Apparatus. I. On Images of Memory and Imagination. 

* Following each name is a list of research titles, in some cases only 
partially complete, indicating the work upon which nomination is pri- 
marily made, with symbols prefixed as follows. 

P. Published articles or books. 

C. Completed research not published. 

I. Incomplete research in progress. 


Sherman Chauncey Bishop, B.S., Cornell, 1915. Assistant in 
Entomology. P. A Biological Reconnaissance of the Oke- 
finokee Swamp in Georgia. — The Snakes (joint author). I. 
Supplementary Report on the Reptiles ; Spiders of the Okefino- 
kee Swamp. 

Chester Claremont Camp, B.A., Grinnell College, 1914; A.M., Cor- 
nell, 1915. Fellow in Mathematics. I. Linear Differential 
Equations (Thesis). 

Wallace Larkin Chandler, B.S., California, 1914, M.S., 191 5. 
Instructor in Parasitology. P. (Papers on Mosquito and Fly 
Control) (collaborator). C. The Morphology and Life His- 
tory of Certain Ixodoidse. I. The Morphology of Ornitho- 

Charles Chupp, A.B., Wabash College, 1913. Instructor in Plant 
Pathology. I. A Study of Plasmodiophora Brassicse (Thesis). 

Charles Dudley Corwin, M.E., Cornell, 1908. Instructor in 
Machine Design. Surface Combustion (joint author). I. Sur- 
face Combustion as Applied to Steel Making. 

Joseph Vital De Porte, A.B., Oklahoma, 1912; A.M., Princeton, 
1914. Assistant in Mathematics. I. Irrational Involutions on 
Algebraic Curves (Thesis). 

Edgar Hutton Dix, Jr., M.E., Cornell, 1914. Instructor in Experi- 
mental Engineering. C. Investigation of Fatigue-Resisting 
Properties of 90% Copper — 10% Aluminum Alloys. I. (Con- 
tinuation of the above, and Investigation of Tensile Proper- 
ties) ; Heat Treatment of various Species of Copper-Zinc 
Alloys, and Effects on Structure (metallographic) and Tensile 

Vining Campbell Dunlap, A.B., Bates College, 1914. I. Morphol- 
ogy and Development of several Species of Pleurotus; The 
Development of Lepiota granosa. 

Silas Shihadeh George, B.A., Beirut College, 1912; M.A., 
Nebraska, 1914. Susan Linn Sage Fellow in Psychology. 
C. The Gesture of Affirmation among the Arabs. I. The Scale 
of Sensory Judgments in Metric Methods. 

Samuel Alexander Graham, B.S. in F., Minnesota, 1914. Assis- 
tant in Entomology. I. The Biology and Control of the White 
Pine Weevil. 


Guy Everett Grantham, A.B., Indiana, 1909, A.M., 1913. Fellow in 
Physics. P. The Time Factor in Selenium Resistance. I. 
Crystal Structure by means of X-Rays; (Some Original 
Problems in Alternating-Current Work) (conjointly). 

Ludlow Griscom, B.A., Columbia, 1912; A.M., Cornell, 1915. 
Assistant in Zoology and Entomology. P. Numerous Orni- 
thological Notes. C. The Field Identification of Water Fowl. 

Charles Harvey Hadley, Jr., B.S., N. H. College of A. & M., 1912. 
Investigator in Entomology. P. Contact Sprays for Brown- 
Tail Caterpillars; The Rhododendron Lace-Bug (joint author) 
and (several others). C. The Lesser Migratory Locust in 
New York. 

Miles Bertine Haman, B.S., Cornell, 1915. Assistant in Forestry. 
I. The Distribution of North American Conifers, and Its 
Relation to certain Ecological Factors (Thesis). The Effect 
of Commercial Fertilizers in Forest Nursery Practice. 

Royal Joyslin Haskell, B.S., Dartmouth College, 1912. Instructor 
in Plant Pathology. C. A Fusarium Stem-Wilt and Tuber- 
Rot Disease of Potatoes. I. A Wilt Disease of the Potato 

Leon Augustus Hausman, A.B., Cornell, 1914. Instructor in 
Meteorology. C. Contributions to the Life-history of Amoeba 
proteus; The Ecology of the Protozoa of the Cayuga Lake 

Walter Norton Hess, A.B., Oberlin, 1913. Assistant in Insect 
Morphology. I. The Chordotonal Organs of Certain Ceram- 
bycid Larvae; Life History of Ragium Linaetum. 

Algernon Charles Irwin, B.S., Ohio University, 1903. C. The 
Maximum Carrying Capacity of Iron and Steel Railroad 
Bridges (Thesis). 

Harry E. Knowlton, B.S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1912. 
Assistant in Botany. I. Physiological Study of the Viability 
of Pollen. 

Laurence Howland MacDaniels, A.B., Oberlin, 1912. Instructor 
in Botany. I. The Histology of the Phloem in the Ontogeny 
of Woody Angiosperms. 

Walter Hoge Maclntire, B.S., North Carolina Agricultural and 
Mechanical College, 1905; M.S., Penn State, 1909. P. Field 
Equipment for Investigations of Soil Leachings ; A New Method 


for the Determination of Carbonates in Soils; several other 
titles. I. Carbonation of Burnt Lime in Soils. 

Edward Lawrence Mack, B.S., Union, 1912. C. Electrolytic 
Production of Perchlorates. 

Percy George McVetty, M.E., Cornell, 1913. Instructor in Re- 
search Engineering. I. Viscosity of Lubricants. C. Several 
Commercial Reports. 

Samuel Arthur Mahood, B.S., Nebraska, 1910, M.A., 1911. 
Instructor in Chemistry. I. Tetraiodophenolphthalein and 
Tetraiodophenoltetrachlorophtalein and Some of their Deriva- 

Lua Alice Minns, B.S., Cornell, 1914. Instructor in Floriculture. 
I. A Study of Chinese Primulas. 

Edward Gardner Misner, B.S., Cornell, 1913. Instructor in Farm 
Management. I. A study of the Dairy Industry of Broome 
County, with a detailed Analysis of the Cost of Production. 

Philip Alexander Munz, A.B., Denver, 1913, A.M., 1914. I. Vena- 
tion of Zygoptera-Odonata. 

Ruby Rivers Murray, A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1912, A.M., 1914. Fel- 
low in Chemistry. C. Diphenyltetrachlorophthalide and Some 
of its Derivatives. I. A new Class of Phthaleins — Mixed 
Phthaleins, Made by Condensing Paraoxybenzoylorthobenzoic 
Acid with Phenols. 

Waro Nakahara, B.S., Tokyo Agricultural College, 1915. Gradu- 
ate Assistant in Entomology. P. A Revision of the Mantis- 
pidae of Japan; On the Osmylinae of Japan, etc., etc. I. The 
Venation of the Neuroptera; The Silk Glands of Neuronia. 
Howard A. Pidgeon, B.Sc, Ohio University, 191 1, M.Sc, 1912. 
Instructor in Physics. P. Irregular Wave Forms — Form 
Factor, and its Significance (joint author). I. Magnetic 
Properties of Cobalt. 
Charles Roy Reid, B.S. in E.E., University of Oregon, 1906, E.E. 
1912. Sibley Fellow in Electrical Engineering. P. A Dis- 
cussion of the Electrication of Steam Railways; Some Special 
Transformer Connections; The Use of Hyperbolic Functions 
in the Calculation of a Long-distance Transmission Line. 
I. Determination of the Most Desirable Source of Electric 
Power for a Small Town (Thesis). 


Gilbert Joseph Rich, A.B., Cornell, 1915, A.M., 1915. Susan Linn 
Sage Scholar in Psychology. (Fellow for 1916-17.) P. On 
the Variation with Temperature of the Pitch of Whistles and 
Variators; A Preliminary Study of Tonal Volume; A Pre- 
liminary Study of Vowel Qualities (joint author). I. An 
Exact Study of Vowel Qualities. 

Rudolph Wilhelm Ruprecht, B.S., Rhode Island State College, 
191 1, • M.S., Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1914. P. 
Toxic Effect of Iron and Aluminum Salts on Clover Seedlings ; 
The Effect of Sulfate of Ammonia on the Soil. I. Studies on 
Iron, Aluminum, and Manganese Compounds in Soils. 

William Hayes Sawyer, Jr., A.B., Bates College, 1913. I. The 
Morphology and Development of several Species of Pholiota. 

Joseph Prestwich Scott, B.S., Lausanne, Switzerland, 1910, 
D.V.M., Ohio State University, 1914. P. Low Level of Nitro- 
gen Output in the Female (joint author) ; Nitrogen Metabolism 
in a case of Portal Vein Obstruction (joint author). I. 
Urinary Indican. 

Francis Webber Sherwood, B.S., North Carolina Agricultural and 
Mechanical College, 1909, M.S., 191 1. Assistant in Chemistry. 
I. Phenosulphonphthalein and Some of its Derivatives. 

Harvey Elmer Stork, A.B., Indiana State Normal, 1914; A.M., 
Indiana State College, 1915. Assistant in Botany. I. Apo- 
gamy in Taraxacum densleonis; Cytology of Imperfect Pollen 
in Oenothera; Studies on the Development of Cantharellus. 

Cecil Calvert Thomas, A.B., Wabash, 1912, M.A., 1913. Instructor 
in Botany. I. The Relation of some Species of Blue-green 
Algae in pure Culture to Elementary Nitrogen. 

James Leroy Weimer, A.B., Wabash College, 1912. Instructor in 
Plant Pathology. C. Life Histories of three Cedar Rust Fungi 
and the Diseases they Produce (Thesis). I. Histological 
Study of the Galls Produced by Gymnosporangium Macropus. 


William Biederman, B.Ch., Cornell, February, 1916. I. A Study 
of the Hydrogen Compounds of Boron; Sensitiveness of the 
Spectroscopic Tests for Various Elements and the Masking of 
Spectral Lines and Bands. 


Louis Jacquelin Bradford, B.S., Swarthmore College, 191 1. 
Instructor in Machine Design. P. Surface Combustion (joint 
author). I. Surface Combustion as Applied to Steel Making. 

Frederick Christian Brandes. I. A Study of the Physical Proper- 
ties of the Gypsum Products (conjointly). 

Marion Edwin Dennington. 

Henry Conrad Diercks, B.Ch., Cornell, February, 1916. I. Pres- 
sure, Temperature, Concentration Relations in the System 
Potassium Sulphocyanate, Sulphur Dioxide. 

Frederick Baxter Downing, Jr., Assistant in Chemistry. I. Addi- 
tion Agents in Electrolysis. 

Henry Alden Foster, B.S., Arizona, 1913. I. Investigation of 
Different Methods to Determine the Loading and Stresses in 
Members of "Pennsylvania" Bridge Trusses (Thesis). 

Harlowe Templar Hardinge. I. Development of a Temperature- 
Change Alarm System. 

Leo Augustine Keane. I. A Study of Plaster of Paris ; Limonite 
and the Color of Yellow Bricks. 

Frank Kovacs, Assistant in Chemistry. I. Ammonates of Copper 

Joseph Bruce Latshaw, B.S.A., University of Missouri, 1909. 
Student Assistant in Veterinary. I. The Study of the Agglu- 
tination Test in the Diagnosis of Contagious Abortion. 

Julia Moesel, Assistant in Zoology. C. Amphibia of Okefinokee 
Swamp, Georgia (collaborator). I. Vertebrates of Lake of 
Bays Region, Ontario. 

George Merritt Robison. 

Theodore Chittenden Rogers. I. Flow of Water through Square 
Culverts, etc. 

Karl Patterson Schmidt, Assistant in Entomology. C. Herpetol- 
ogy of North Carolina. I. Herpetology of Louisiana; 
Oligocene Invertebrates of the New World. 

Leon John Sivian, A.B., Cornell, February, 1916. Assistant in 
Physics. I. Specific Heats at High Temperature. 

Theodore Levi Smith. I. Flow of Water through Square Cul- 
verts, etc. 


*Thomas Reese Spence, B.S. in C.E., Agricultural and Mechanical 
College of Texas, 1913. I. Relation between the Tensile and 
the Compressive Properties of Cement and Mortars; Study of 
the Effect of Consistency upon the Strength of Portland 

Earl Iru Sponable, Assistant in Chemistry. I. Extraction of 
Thallium from Spelter Distillates ; Study of Thallium Cobaltic 
Nitrite; Examination of Flue Dust from Pyrites. 

Fred Waldorf Stewart. (Schuyler Fellow in Histology and 
Embryology for 1916-17.) I. The Development of Thymus 
IV in the Cat ; Experimental Study of the Effect of Cutting the 
Peripheral Nerve on the Taste Buds in the Rabbit. 

Charles Gasner Stupp, Assistant in Chemistry. I. Preparation 
of New Salts of Benzene Sulphonic Acid. 

Federico Terrazas. 


James Kemp Plummer, B.S., North Carolina Agricultural and 
Mechanical College, 1907, M.S., 1909; A.M., Cornell, 191 1, 
Ph.D., 1915. P. Petrography of some North Carolina Soils and 
its Relation to their Fertilizer Requirements. C. The Effect 
of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide on Nitrification and Ammoni- 
fication in Soils. 

J. G. Pertsch, Jr., Recording Secretary. 

* Nominated as a senior to graduate in February, 1917. 

The Missouri Chapter 
Four public lectures were delivered under the auspices of the 
Missouri Chapter. Two, the annual fall series, were given by 
Professor Robert A. Millikan, of the University of Chicago, on 
The Subatomic World, and The Nature of Radiant Energy. 
On February 25, Dr. W. W. Duke spoke upon The Glands of 
Internal Secretion and their Relation to Growth and Mentality. 
On May 8, Professor C. F. Marbut, in charge of the U. S. Soil 
Survey, discussed The Development of Ideas Concerning the Field 
Relationship of Soils. 

A new feature of scientific meetings within the Chapter was 
initiated this year, and has proved productive of increased interest 
and activity. Three such meetings were held, and the programs 
were as follows : 


On December 15, 1915 
Max F. Meyer : Demonstration of a very rare case of Color Blind- 
ness and Discussion of its Evolutionary Significance. 
C. Robert Moulton : Units of Reference for Basic Metabolism and 

their Interrelations. 
W. H. Pyle: An Experimental Study of the Mind of the Negro. 

On February J, 1916 

G. S. Dodds: The Altitudinal Distribution of Crustacea in the 

Mountains of Colorado. 
E. B. Branson : Origin of Thick Salt and Gypsum Deposits. 
W. A. Tarr: Origin of Chert in the Burlington Lime Stone. 

On April 3, 1916 

O. R. Johnson : Factors Which Measure the Efficiency of Farming 

W. H. Lawrence : The Pollination of the Date Palm. 

George Lefevre : Genetic Studies in Poultry. 

The following new members were initiated in May, 1916 : 

Baskett, Edgar Drane, A.B., Missouri, 1915, A.M., 1916. Physiology. 
Thesis : Some Factors upon the Innervation of the Heart, with 
Special Reference to the Accelerator Mechanism of the Heart 
of the Turtle, Emydoidea blandingi 

Blom, Edward Charles, A.B., Cape Girardeau Normal, 191 1, B.S. 
in Ed., Missouri, 1915, A.M., 1916. Physios. Thesis: Charcoal 
Absorption in Vacua. 

Branson, De Hellik, B.S., Kansas Agricultural, 1913; A.M., Mis- 
souri, 1916. Fellow in Animal Husbandry. Thesis : The Effect 
of Various Planes of Nutrition on the Cost of Maintenance, 
Development, and Reproduction of Beef Cows. 

Corriveau, Paul Edward, B.S., N. H. Agricultural College, 1915; 
A.M., Missouri, 1916. Horticulture. Thesis: An Experimental 
Study of the Effect of Rest Period Breaking Agencies upon 
Root Growth of Hardwood Cuttings. 

Durant, Adrian Jackson, B.S.A., 1913, A.M., Missouri, 1915. Re- 
search Assistant, Experiment Station. Veterinary. Thesis : 
Complement Fixation in Hog Cholera ; in progress, Complement 
Fixation in Contagious Abortion. Abstracts in Reports of the 
Missouri Experiment Station, 1915, and U. S. Experiment Sta- 
tion Record, 191 5. 


Hardy, John Ira, B.S., R. I. State College, 1910; M.S., University 
of Tennessee, 1914; Ph.D., Missouri, 1917; Assistant Chemist, 
University of Tennessee, 1911-1915; Fellow in Agricultural 
Chemistry, 1916-1917. Thesis: The Effect of an Excessive 
Ratio of Lime to Magnesium upon Plant Growth. Publications : 
Associate author of several bulletins, Tennessee Experiment 
Station. In progress : Cumarin in Sweet Clover ; Proteins and 
Protein Derivatives in Nutrition. 

Heinz, Albert, A.B., B.S. in Education, Missouri, 1910, A.M., 1916 ; 
Professor of Mathematics, Tsing Hua College, Peking, China. 
Mathematics. Thesis : First Year University Mathematics 

Hughes, Jewell Constance, A.B., University of Arkansas, 1915; 
A.M., Missouri, 1916. Scholar in Mathematics. Thesis: 
Transcendentalism of Curves and of Numbers. 

Jones, Charles Arthur, B..S. in Agriculture, 191 5, University of 
Wyoming; A.M., Missouri, 1916. Agricultural Research 
Scholar in Animal Husbandry. Thesis : The Effect of Early 
Pregnancy and Lactation on Growth in Young Breeding 

Longwell, Chester Roy, A.B., Missouri, 191 5, A.M., 1916. Geology. 
Thesis : The Geology and Mineralogy of the Wellington Mine, 
Breckenridge, Colo. In progress : A Fauna of a Part of the 
Middle Ordovician of Missouri. 

Loomis, Albert G., A.B., Missouri, 1914, A.M., 191 5. Scholar in 
Chemistry, 1914-15; Fellow, 1915-16. Thesis: The Dielectric 
Constants of some Liquid Compounds of Vanadium; Abs. in 
Jour. Phys. Chem., vol. 9, 1915. Ready for press: Extraction 
of Radium from Carnotite Ores (with Herman Schlundt). 

Prewitt, Proviso V., A.B., Missouri, 1915, A.M., 1916. Physiology. 
Thesis: The Relation of the Lipase and Fat to Carbohydrate 
and Amylase Content of the Liver. 

Sive, Benjamin Elliott, B.C.E., University of Cincinnati, 1914; 
A.M., Missouri, 1916. Assistant in Chemistry, University of 
Cincinnati. Agricultural Chemistry. Undergraduate thesis : 
A New Indicator of the Azo Type. Thesis for Master's degree : 
The Mineral Composition of the Bovine as Influenced by Age 
and Condition of the Animal. 


Swett, Walter Whittier, B.S., New Hampshire State; A.M., Mis- 
souri, 1 9 1 6. Dairy Husbandry. Thesis: Factors Influencing 
the Growth of Dairy Animals. 

Weatherwax, James Lloyd, A.B., Oberlin, 1912; A.M., Missouri, 
1916. Physics. Thesis : An Investigation of the Stretch 

Winkler, Charles Herman, B.S. 1904, A.M. 1914, University of 
Texas; Ph.D., Missouri, 1916. Horticulture. A Guide to 
Mushroom Culture (with B. M. Duggar) ; (with W. S. Tay- 
lor) Nature Study and Agriculture for the Rural Schools of 
Texas. University of Texas, Bulletin 361, 1915. The Botany 
of Texas; Bulletin 18, University of Texas, 1915. Thesis for 
the Doctor's Degree: The Relation between Vegetative and 
Reproductive Activity in Plants. 
Officers were elected for 1916-17. The roll of active members 

for the year numbered JJ. 

D. H. Dolley, Secretary. 


The Indiana Chapter has published a yearbook for 1916 which 
lists officers and members of the Chapter and the full program for 
the calendar year. One meeting is held in each month during the 
academic year and usually at each meeting two papers are read by 
resident members. The January meeting, however, is devoted to 
Convocation Week Reports by fifteen members and there are two 
meetings at which visiting scientists have delivered addresses. One 
unusual feature of the pamphlet is a full list of non-resident and 
former members of the Chapter. 

District of Columbia Chapter. — In the list of the Charter Mem- 
bers published in the Sigma Xi Quarterly, Volume 3, No. 2, 
June, 191 5, the name of Alden Archibald Potter, A.B. Minnesota, 
1909, Assistant Pathologist, Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. De- 
partment of Agriculture, was omitted by a clerical error. 

M. W. Lyon, Jr., Secretary.